Fact 1 - why this premium domain name can be of interest
  • "console.com" is a strong term, refers to a broad spectrum, and offers versatile options for a company! (Please click here for more information)

  • "console.com" is resistant to traffic diversion as it is very easy to remember and also very easy to spell!

  • "console.com" is a 1-word, very short catchy and meaningful domain name - "console dot com" - offers a very good advertising effectiveness and a very high level of business and branding potential!

  • "console.com" or "CONSOLE.COM" or "CONSOLE.com" can be used in upper and lower case letters without loss of the eye-catching effect and meaning!

  • "console.com" is unique and ideal for launching a new brand or innovation!

  • "console.com" is ideal for international use thanks to the ".com" ending!

  • "console.com" is perfect for multiple business groups and products through unlimited subdomain names! (Please click here for more information)

  • "console.com" is perfect for manufacturers, online stores, large communities, gaming and media portals, (online) publications, product lines, game downloads, ...

  • "console.com" is also perfect for the mobile sector and consumer electronic (cell phone games, smartphones, tablet PCs, home entertainment and audio systems, ...)

  • "console.com" is also perfect for other branches of industries: print devices (print console), network and software applications (network, input, or software console), audio and video devices (audio, video, or mixing console), payment solutions (payment console), parts and accessories (mounting console), and more!

  • "console.com" provides a huge opportunity for both investors and end-users - a very good investment for the future in order to secure new business areas and additional revenue potentials!

  • More facts (Please click for more information)

Fact 2 - more about game consoles

  • China has temporarily lifted a 14-year-old ban on selling video game consoles, paving the way for Sony Corp, Microsoft Corp, Nintendo Co Ltd and other companies to enter the world's third largest video game market in terms of revenue! (Please click here for more information)

  • 2015 is the year of the next-generation game and multimedia consoles: Microsoft have released its Xbox 360 successor Xbox One, Sony the PlayStation 3 successor PlayStation 4.

  • Very high business potential of game consoles, because orders for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are tracking significantly higher than those for previous-generation hardware (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360).

  • Very high business potential of game consoles games - GTA 5 sales hit $1 Billion in three days!

  • Other leading companies and industries have also recognized the enormous potential of game consoles. For example: Nvidia Shield is an upcoming handheld game console by Nvidia (world leader in visual computing technologies). Razer Edge Pro is a fully fledged mobile gaming pad by Razor (manufacturer of high-performance gaming hardware, software, and systems). GameStick is an upcoming video game console developed by PlayJam (the world’s largest interactive casual games network, available across digital TV, mobile, and online platforms). The Archos GamePad is a video gaming tablet developed and marketed by Archos (a French consumer electronics company). Ouya, a video game console running its own version of the Android operating system (Julie Uhrman, a game industry veteran, founded the project in 2012 and the development was funded via Kickstarter). Piston console is a PC-based gaming console by Xi3 Corporation (a US developer company). And more ...

Fact 3 - the very high business potential

The premium domain name "console.com" offers a very high potential for commerce!

For example: According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) plays fifty-nine percent of U.S. Consumers video games and spent $21.53 billion on video games, hardware, and accessories in 2013 ($20.8 billion on video games, hardware, and accessories in 2012). This is only the U.S. market without international sales! (More facts at http://www.theesa.com/about-esa/industry-facts)

Other example: The worldwide video game marketplace, which includes video game console hardware and software, online, mobile and PC games, will reach $93.3 billion in 2013 (up from $78.9 billion in 2012) and the market is forecast to reach $111.1 billion by 2015, according to Gartner Inc. (Technology Industry Analysts). "Sony and Microsoft are releasing their game consoles in November 2013 and pent-up demand for these new game consoles has caused a temporary reduction in game console hardware sales during 2013, but growth will resume during 2014" said Mr. Blau (Research Director Gartner Inc):

Only the Video Game Console Market Revenue
Worldwide, 2011-2017 (Billions of Dollars)

(More facts at http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/2614915)

Fact 4 - top level domain name "com"

The Top Level Domain (TLD) has a considerable influence upon the value of a domain name. Especially the TLD "com" has come to be synonymous with business on the Internet and it carries a higher level of prestige and reduces the risk of traffic diversion to other extensions.

The "com" domain has the advantage that it may be used worldwide. This is particularly relevant in countries which have strict guidelines for the allocation of country TLDs like Germany (.de) or China (.com.cn).

Fact 5 - status of similar domain names

A name check of comparable domain names reveals that most similar names have been registered and are developed. This is an excellent indication that the premium domain name "console.com" has very good commercial and high branding potential because strong domain names are not available anymore.

console.com is for sale now        Whois information
console.net is already registered
console.org is already registered
console.at is already registered
console.be is already registered
console.biz is already registered
console.bz is already registered
console.cc is already registered
console.ch is already registered
console.co.uk is already registered
console.com.pl is already registered
console.cz is already registered
console.de is already registered
console.eu is already registered
console.li is already registered
console.info is already registered
console.name is already registered
console.pl is already registered
console.ru is already registered
console.se is already registered
And more …  

Fact 6 - length and retention

The premium domain name "console" .com is ideally short (7 letters). The easiest domain names to remember are those that consist of a single real word or a commonly used expression! It is very easy to remember and can be used in upper and lower case letters without loss of the eye-catching effect and meaning.

Fact 7 - linguistic and phonological suitability

The premium domain name "console.com" is considered very valuable as it is a meaningful single word in the English language. Due to the inherently limited number of meaningful words in the English language, as well as the relatively advanced state of Internet development in the English-speaking economies, these tend to be the most valuable category of domain names!

Fact 8 - typing error sensitivity

The premium domain name "console.com" is resistant to traffic diversion as it is very easy to spell and uses the dominant ".com" extension.

Fact 9 - legal situation

The premium domain name "console.com" is not under any dispute and can be categorized as a generic or descriptive name. Because trademarks granted on generic terms are less restrictive than those granted on unique terms, generic domain names are generally less susceptible to ownership disputes arising from a trademark conflict than brandable, non-generic domain names are.

Fact 10 - multiple business groups and products

The premium domain name "console.com" is perfect for multiple business groups and products through unlimited subdomain names! For example: audio.console.com, game.console.com, input.console.com, media.console.com, mobile.console.com, print.console.com, software.console.com, web.console.com, … mounting.console.com … indeed anything that is connected with the term "console"!

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