What does your domain name say about your business?

Being successful with a product, a service, or a website requires many components. One of the most important components in the age of the Internet and smartphones is the choice of a concise and catchy domain name. This is the equivalent of the store location in a large shopping mall: With a premium top level .com domain (Console.com) one is in the customers’ focus, one is noticed and recognized, and one attracts new customers and attention. With a standard domain ending ("console.net", "console.org", ...), a too long or untrusted domain name ("mytoolong-name.cc" ➞ .cc = domain from Cocos Islands, "mystandard-name.to" ➞ .to = Domain from Tonga, …) the presence is in a side alley; customer traffic and attention can only be achieved with high financial expenditure on advertising, yet the location and image remain off-center.

Or what do you think about "ebay.cc" or "amazon.cc"? Where would you buy your products: "ebay.com" or "ebay.to" … Who would you trust more: a ".com" premium domain name or a ".to" domain from Tonga?

For new products, services, or business streams one nowadays often has no other choice but to position oneself virtually off-center, as meaningful and concise domain names have been registered and been in use for years. Other companies have therefore already secured their top spot in the virtual world, and are therefore ideally positioned and have the advantage of especially this fact.

Remember: All domain names are not created equal and therefore have different business and branding potentials! For example has Console.com a multiple higher potential than console.net, console.org, console.cc, console.to, ...

What is premium

What makes a premium domain name?

Remember: Console.com offers all these facts!

Premium domain prices

What is the price for a premium domain name and why?

Remember: Good locations on the web are at a premium. But the problem is that good and strong domain names are not available anymore because they are already owned and used by other companies or their competitors. Therefore the value of a premium domain name increases every year! For example: an investor paid $150,000 in the mid-90s for "business.com" and sold it in 2006 for $7,500,000!

Compare the costs

Compare the cost of a premium domain name to the cost of traditional advertising:

Remember: A premium domain name is an investment in your brand because businesses must spend millions to get their new names recognized. However with Console.com a leading Company or even a Startup has the chance to acquire or lease a strong premium domain name for different business areas, with a very high level of business and branding potential. This is now the unique opportunity to get a very good premium location on the web!

Domain name test

More about branding and premium domain names

Domain names play a key role in branding your business online. When evaluating a domain most people look at two popular tests: the billboard test and the radio test. It is critical to think of these two factors before finalizing your brand name as they could have a major impact on the success of your brand both online and offline.

Billboard Test

Think of a person flying down the highway at 65MPH, they pass your billboard, it looks interesting – can they easily remember your domain name. This highlights two important factors: length of domain name and TLD (= domain ending). If your domain is too long, something like "TheBestOfficeChairs.com", then people may not be able to remember it properly when they get home. In the end you could end up giving away traffic to the owner of "BestOfficeChairs.com", "OfficeChairs.com" or "Chairs.com".

When you use a ".NET", ".ORG" domain name (or a domain name with another ending), suppose you buy "OfficeChairs.net", that person driving on the highway will likely come home and go to "OfficeChairs.com" or "Chairs.com" first. It’s a habit that’s hard to break and this applies to email as well since many people are used to email addresses that also end in ".COM".

Radio Test

This test extends beyond the radio and really applies to any situation where someone hears rather than sees your domain name. The radio is the best example though as it really hits the core of the issue. If someone is listening to the radio and they hear your domain name, can they easily remember and spell or write it correctly when they get home?

This looks at two of the same factors presented in the billboard test - length and TLD - but also looks at ease of spelling and word confusion. If your company is called "HappySun" how do you know people won’t type "HappySon"? If you decide to go with "Jettr.com", how many people will instead go to "Jetter.com"?

These are just two facts why Console.com has a multiple higher potential than other domain names: console.net, console.org, console.cc, console.to, OtherConsole.biz, my-console-name.info, ...

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